The Invasion of Normandy: Beach Activity


As the fighting moved inland from the invasion beaches, they became hives of activity. Reinforcements arrived across the English Channel from Britain and thousands of tons of supplies came over on transport ships to increase the Allies' might. All was not quiet for the troops on the beaches or the ships awaiting their turns to unload - German warplanes swooped in to bomb and strafe, while German artillery (until it was driven out of range) continued to shell the beaches, making them places of continued danger.

Destination Omaha Beach
Alexander P. Russo #11
Gouache, 1944



This is the port side of LST 317, which carried troops, equipment and trucks loaded with land mines enroute to Omaha Beach on D-Day +1 (June 7, 1944).



J. Yakins, Seaman Aboard U.S. LST
Mitchell Jamieson #V-46
Pen & wash, circa 1944




John Campbell, British Armored Corpsmen Abroad U.S. LST
Mitchell Jamieson #V-45
Charcoal & wash, June, 1944


This British tanker came from Belfast, Northern Ireland.



British Troops Relaxing Aboard Ship on Way to Beach
Mitchell Jamieson #V-29
Charcoal & wash, June1944


One rested where and whenever one could, because once one entered the crucible of combat, it would be a long time between periods of meaningful sleep.



M4 Tanks of British Armored Unit on Tank Deck of U.S. LST
Mitchell Jamieson #V-27
Charcoal & wash, circa 1944


U.S. Navy ships weren't restricted to transporting U.S. troops and materiel, but also served the British and Canadian forces.



Mitchell Jamieson #V-24
Charcoal, 1944



British troops on an LST.



British Troops Napping Aboard LST - Men of a Tank Corps
Mitchell Jamieson #V-34
Charcoal & wash, June1944




Blimp Over Ship Bow (sketch) & Starboard Ship (sketch)
Mitchell Jamieson #V32 (reverse side)
Pencil, June 1944


Studies of unidentified Allied naval vessels.


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