D-Day, Normandy: D+1 THROUGH D+3


The End of Mulberry 'A'
Dwight C. Shepler #161
Watercolor on paper


On 22 June 1944, the row of concrete caissons paralleling the shore finally disintegrated during the great storm. The seas broke through, destroying the floating piers and artificial harbor.


Storm On Gooseberry
Dwight C. Shepler #162
Watercolor on paper



These sunken cargo ships, code named Gooseberry, hold their place as part of the great artificial Mulberry harbor at Omaha Beach during the 19-22 June storm. Gunners on the fo'c's'le of one of the sunken cargo ships must leave to seek shelter on HMS Centurion during the height of the storm.



Navy Signalman--Omaha Beachhead
Dwight C. Shepler #199
Watercolor on paper


Taking bearings to direct beach operations by flashing light and radio, U.S. Navy signalmen help to open priority channels at the beach for equipment and material.

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