D-Day, Normandy: D+1 THROUGH D+3


Low Tide - American Beach Sector
Mitchell F. Jamieson #226
Ink and wash on paper


The horror of the invasion becomes starkly apparent as the receding waters reveal the cost of the beach operations.



Destination Omaha Beach
Alexander Russo #11
Gouache on board



On LST 317 are troops, equipment, and trucks loaded with land mines destined for Omaha Beach on D Plus One.



Killing Time Enroute to Normandy
Alexander Russo #13
Ink and charcoal on paper


Lost in their individual thoughts, the troops rest fitfully on their journey toward France.



LSTs Waiting to Unload Off Omaha Beach
Alexander Russo #14
Ink and wash on paper


Waiting for a signal from the beach, ship's crew and Army personnel watch unloading activity.



In Transport Area
Alexander Russo #16
Gouache on board





One of the Many
Alexander Russo #18


One of the landing craft that hit the beach loaded with anti-aircraft half tracks and motorized units.



Diving for Cover
Alexander Russo #17
Watercolor on paper


Foxholes and bomb craters are the only immediate shelters on all Allied beachheads as enemy planes strafe and bomb the tenuous foothold, established on the beaches.



Foxhole on Normandy Beach
Alexander Russo #19
Gouache on board


Every night after D-Day, raids by enemy planes on the Allied beachhead become an accepted discomfort. The men seek refuge in foxholes and catch whatever few precious hours of sleep they can before dawn.

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