Pre-Invasion Days


The Queue
Alexander Russo #2
Gouache on board


A seemingly normal afternoon with people waiting patiently for their bus, however, at any minute the eerie wail of the "Alert" may sound.



Early Evening Alert--London
Alexander Russo #6
Gouache on board


With its hazy, vague, and mysterious atmosphere, a typical London night found a few tired people making their way to the safety of a nearby shelter while searchlights stalk the sky for night raiders.



When is D-Day?
Dwight C. Shepler #132
Watercolor on paper



Control Room
Dwight C. Shepler #118
Watercolor and ink on paper


As part of the preparations for the invasion, the position of German U-boats are plotted for air strikes. At the chart board an air intelligence officer briefs a crew that will fly off at dawn to strike against the submarines.



Liberator Fueling--Biscay
Dwight C. Shepler #119
Watercolor on paper


Near a British farmhouse, whose adjoining meadows have been converted into an airfield, a big Liberator fuels on its "hard standing," an island in a sea of mud. The smoking lamp is out while Pateu (Patrol Service Unit) crews on the wings of the big white and grey plane lead fuel lines from a tank truck.



Off for Biscay
Dwight C. Shepler #120
Watercolor on paper


A powerful Liberator has its bomb bay loaded with depth charges and bombs for use against the U-boats and its machine gun magazines filled with hundreds of rounds for use against the German JU88s. A mission lasts eleven or twelve hours and covers up to 1,600 nautical miles.



Appledore Ebb
Dwight C. Shepler #134
Watercolor on paper


The North Devon tides, with their twenty-one foot range, are used by LCT boat crews to approximate beach conditions in Normandy.

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