The Artists D-Day, Normandy


Mitchell Jamieson's combat paintings, from the North African campaigns to the final surrender at Tokyo Bay were reproduced extensively in Life, Fortune and other national publications. Twice awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship and the Award of Merit by the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Lieutenant Jamieson crossed the channel on D-Day on the deck of an LST and went ashore with one of the first demolition units at Normandy.


Specialist First Class Alexander Russo followed the African and Sicilian campaigns of World War II before accompanying the naval forces on a landing craft on D-Day. His pre-war art training and magazine staff work qualified him for selection by the U.S. Navy to depict the invasion preparations, D-Day, and later the drive across France.


Dwight Shepler, a member of the American Artist's Group and the American Artist's Professional League, was chosen by the U.S. Navy to record the Navy's war in both the Pacific and European theaters. From the mud of Guadalcanal through the long period of material build- up in Great Britian prior to D-Dday, Commander Shepler found a wealth of subjects. He painted activities in and around the naval bases and coastal areas of England and Londonderry, Northern Ireland prior to D-Day, and was on an American destroyer during the invasion. Ashore, he recorded the holocaust that was the first American beachhead in France. 


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