D-Day, Normandy: D+4 And Aftermath


Soldier in Verville-Sur-Mer
Alexander Russo #24
Ink and wash on paper



This combat-wise veteran of five days of war pauses to contemplate the ruin of what was once a pleasant country town.



The Disillusioned
Alexander Russo #27
Gouache on board



The first German prisoners reflect the shattered hopes of those who were misled by the myth of their supremacy.



German Prisoners Taken on D-Day
Alexander Russo #28
Gouache on board


Among the first prisoners captured are young German boys and men from Poland, Yugoslavia, and other nations whom the German Army used to halt the Allied advance.



Prisoners Embarking for England
Alexander Russo #30
Ink and wash on paper


American soldiers march German prisoners to the transports waiting to take them to prison camps in England.



Street in Verville-Sur-Mer on D Plus Four
Alexander Russo #42
Gouache on board


An American M.P. directs an armored car through the transit area, June 10, 1944.



D Plus Seven
Dwight C. Shepler #151
Watercolor on paper




During the Storm--Wreckage
Mitchell F. Jamieson #V-75
Charcoal and wash on paper


The wreckage of pontoon causeways also force delays in some of the shorebound support equipment.



Storm at Omaha Beach
Mitchell F. Jamieson #275
Oil on board


Small invasion craft suffer tremendous poundings and severe damage from the tempestuous channel gales.

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