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Works by McClelland Barclay in the Navy Art Collection

"Heroes of the South Seas" sketches: DESTROYERS


CDR Arthur Stuart Walton, Ret.
McClelland Barclay
Conté crayon on paper, 1943 ca.



Comdr. Arthur Stuart Walton - USN - class of 1913 U.S. Naval Academy - awarded Navy Cross - 1917-18 - commander destroyer. Hopkins - in convoy duty - retired 1925 for physical disability [sic] unable to walk for 18 months - given one year to live by his physicians - went into business life while still on crutches and achieved success. Made three efforts to volunteer - finally accepted by navy altho [sic] he had been desuaded [sic] by his closest Navy friend, however after having made perfect physical recovery, came back on active duty March 1941. Order to duty assistant port director Pearl Harbor - Since April 1942 at sea in command of convoys - "convoy commodore."


Millard Lee Davis "Stinky," Aviation Chief Machinists Mate
McClelland Barclay
Conté crayon on paper, 1943 ca.



Millard Lee Davis - Wisconsin - Aviation Chief Machinists Mate
19 yrs enlisted - 9 years in Navy

Citation Air Medal

"Plane captain PBY Aug 26, `42 attacked by 8 zero fighters - north of Solomons - shot down two fought 'em for 35 min. 3 zero damaged turned off - they killed one and the other nine were all wounded - jetizoned [sic] all the loose gear in the plane flew for about 150 mi. on one engine which was about half shot off. Had 18 cannon 20 mm holes thru the plane - holes about foot or foot one half in diameter. Made a crash landing in shallow water at Ontong Java - in Solomon group - spent 7 days in Jap occupied territory - set signal fires for our patrol which passed over at 9 AM - Jap patrol came over at 10 - when our PBY landed to pick us up - was just about time the Japs were coming over but we were hitting pretty lucky all the way thru and a rain squall came along and covered us all up - set fire to wrecked PBY after crash cause it was no longer any good anyway. We burried [sic] Gene Bennett who was from Los Angeles - We ate cocanuts [sic] and fish that the natives caught - the natives, 550 of them had declared war on the Japs - Two of 'em could speak a little pigeon-English I have lived in the Orient so knew a little Molay Spanish and Chinese we got along alright - When our rescue plane came in we put the wounded aboard on stretchers and flew off."


LT Louis H. Bauer
McClelland Barclay
Conté crayon on paper, ca.1943

LT Louis H. Bauer -USNA
Hometown Philadelphia - Naval Academy class 1935 - entered at 19 years - Pensacola 1938 - commanding officer of Fighting Squadron 6 - (took part in Solomons - Aug 7th- First action)

"Took off from carriers in the dark - our first mission was to get any Jap planes on the Airfield (now Henderson field) and to destroy any motor torpedo boats or naval vessels of any kind - second strafe any military installations you could find in the beach - guns - troops - and things like that- then we provided air coverage, an umbrella over the forces including the ships for the next three days. In the three days we shot down about 21 combinations of all sorts of planes. It was all formation flying except one incident. Pilot named Firebaugh - he chased a group of about 15 bombers - he had a total of six planes in his group who became separated in the chase - they were attacked by a large no. of zeros and became separated - Firebaugh was attacked by five and he shot three and he himself was shot down - His plane caught fire and he held his shoot 'til he almost hit the water. Then swam 4 miles to shore. Fought in battle of southern Solomons Aug 24 - That was the day the, our carrier was attacked and in defending her we all shot down a total of about 41 - We lost three - one man in each ship - those boys died. Squadron score now 48. Took off about 4:15 AM. - land on carrier - gas up - flew all day right up to sunset. Weren't conscious of being tired - too excited - felt it a couple of days later. When they gassed ship we munched coffee and sandwiches in the "Ready room." Slept like top that nite [sic] - Had an early day next day. We lost two pilots who stayed out a little to [sic] late and couldn't get back to the ship and were lost in the dark. Did escort work for bombers for more than a month out of Guadalcanal."


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