The Artists of the Navy Art Collection

Carlos Andreson (1905-1978)

Arriving for the Best of Medical Care
Carlos Andreson #14
Watercolor, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

A naval patient being removed from a streamlined ambulance to a large base hospital by two corpsmen and the chauffeur. Here the seaman will receive the finest possible care and treatment.



Standish Backus (1910-1989)

Here, Near Kure, They Found the Soryo
Standish Backus #28
Watercolor, Pen and Ink, 1946





McClelland Barclay (1891-1943)

Gun Crew Loading a 5" 38 Caliber Gun
McClelland Barclay
Oil on canvas, 1940-42





Lawrence Beall-Smith (1909-1989)

Task Force Hornets
Lawrence Beal-Smith #13
Oil on board, 1943

The operations island is a grim gray redoubt against the sky as this aircraft carrier steams behind her task force screen with a swarm of fighters ready on the flight deck. Planes of a fighter squadron stand at Fly One, the take-off spot. Behind them, in order, will be the dive-bombers and the torpedo bombers. Meanwhile, as signal pennants snap from the truck, handling crews and pilots await the orders which will send these Grumman fighters snarling into the air.



Robert Benney (1904-2001)

Enemy Cave (The Marianas)
Robert Benney #9
Oil on board, circa 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

The long and costly struggle for these strategic islands was due in large measure to the numerous caves which the Japanese had blasted in the volcanic rock. These formidable fortifications frequently concealed heavy gun batteries as well as vast supplies of food and ammunition. Those that were not blasted by our heavy ships' batteries required slow and costly elimination by our ground forces. Here a couple of GI's are mopping up a cave. In the eerie light of the interior of the cave they cautiously search for signs of the enemy.



Thomas Hart Benton (1899-1975)

Up the Hatch
Thomas Hart Benton #25 
Oil on pressboard, circa 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Crewmen of a U.S. submarine race up ladders to get aloft through the open hatchway of the conning tower, exhilarated by their eagerness to get a breath of fresh air after hours of confinement below.





Paul Cadmus (1904-1999)

Sailors on leave in Central ParkThe Fleet's In
Paul Cadmus
Oil on Canvas, 1934





Griffith Baily Coale (1890-1950)

Lookouts--U.S. Submarine
Griffith Baily Coale #44
Charcoal drawing, 1944

Rolling along the blue surface of the Indian Ocean, lookouts search the empty sky and the sea. They look for everyone, friend or foe. Besides these five men, just aft was the Junior Officer and his lookout, also watching. The man at the top of the periscope sheers spotted a distant sub on the surface. There was no recod of one of our boats in this vicinity. In ten seconds every man is below, the hatch bangs shut, the deck tips forward and they disappear below the vast surface of the ocean. Later they rise to pericope height, the Captain makes a sweep. "Blow the tanks- equalize the pressure - crack the hatch - Lookouts up!" In ten seconds the lookouts are back on deck searching.



William F Draper (1912-2003)

Boxing Match
William F. Draper #104
Oil on canvas, November 1944
40 1/4h" x 46w"

On the way to Saipan, the ship's company of the USS Tennessee gathers to watch a boxing match between two enlisted men.




Kerr Eby (1889-1946)

D-Day on Tarawa
Kerr Eby #5
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Wading through a leaden surf, under an overcast sky, wave on wave of U.S. Marines doggedly brave a deadly sheet of fire to secure a beachhead on Tarawa on November 20, 1943. Overhead Navy dive and torpedo bombers scream down through a blanket of black smoke to blast at the Japanese, entrenched in well nigh invulnerable pillboxes



Joseph Hirsch (1910-1981)

Mercy Ship
Joseph Hirsch #29
Oil on canvas, circa 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Navy Hospital Ship USS Solace. The Navy's hospital ships operate under the laws laid down by the Geneva Convention, being unarmed, fully illuminated at night, and painted white.



Irwin Hoffman (1901-1989)

Medical Magic
Irwin Hoffman #3
Pastel, circa 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

 Another forward step in medical invention, a spray gun is used to apply a new healing wax solution to the flame-scarred skin of a seaman in a Navy base hospital. A corpsman applies the preparation under the supervision of the head of the hospital surgical department.



Julian Levi (1900-1982)

First Aid on Carrier Flight Deck
Julian Levi #3
Oil on canvas, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

The distinguishing helmet helps in the immediate recognition of a hospital corpsman on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Yorktown.



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