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Amphibious Operations


Last Rites for the Sergeant
Kerr Eby #41
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Bowed in a grief which breaks through their traditional stoicism, Marines mourn the passing of their beloved sergeant buried, not far from where he fell in jungle combat. Numbers of humble graves like his line the long road toward Pacific victory.


Bullets and Barbed Wire
Kerr Eby #4
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Both constituted tremendous barriers to victory in the bloody battle for Tarawa; but this Marine, rifle swung grimly in one hand, typifies the resurgent spirit of the thinned but indomitable ranks of the conquerors of the Gilberts. Past the brutal wire on which hung the bodies of his comrades the tattered Marine presses on toward the beach and the redoubts of the enemy.


Hauling the Sling Gently Over the Rail
Kerr Eby #6
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Last stage of the arduous trip back from the front lines is reached for this casualty, being hoisted abroad a transport. Soon he will be relaxing on a soft bunk, with skilled medical care and good food in prospect during the voyage to a base hospital.


Tarawa No. II
Kerr Eby #28
Charcoal & crayon, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

This is a view of the famous pier from the end of a branch at the seaward end. During the whole of the battle there was never-ending drama everywhere.


Kerr Eby #9
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

At the edge of the reef at Tarawa there were more of them and dozens of other craft disgorging their insides.


Long Thoughts
Kerr Eby #31
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

The artist often wondered what the infantryman thought as he looked over his handiwork. This Marine searched for water for his friends on the still-smoking beach. The fight was still going on farther down the island.


An LST Transports the Wounded
Joseph Hirsch #17
Oil on canvas, circa 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

An LST returns to the beach at Guadalcanal with litters and sitters (stretcher cases and ambulatory cases) who are taken by ambulance and truck to mobile hospitals. The Japanese planes in the foreground have been brought back for salvage purposes.


On the Double
Joseph Hirsch #14
Watercolor, circa 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Seldom waiting for the cry of "Medic!," the Navy's litter bearers attached to battalion aid stations serving the Marine Corps are to be found in the thick of every shore engagement in which the latter fights. Thanks in part to such men as those pictured here, 97 out of every 100 Americans wounded in World War II conflict are saved from death. These corpsmen carry morphine, plasma, and sulfa drugs as a part of their regular equipment.

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1 April 2001