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Organization of the Command

The Command is organized according to specialized subject areas:

  1. Senior Historian: Directs the Command's history programs and administers the Command's outreach programs, including conferences, seminars and scholarly awards

  2. Navy Museums: Links to all 12 Navy Museums

  3. Navy Department Library: Collections relating to naval and maritime history

  4. Operational Archives: U.S. Navy records on operations, policy and strategy, from 1946-present, as well as personal papers 1900 to the present

  5. Curator Branch: Naval artifacts, including uniforms, and armament.

  6. Photographic Section: Extensive pictorial reference files on all aspects of naval history.

  7. Art Gallery: Paintings, prints, drawings, and sculpture depicting naval ships, personnel, and action from all eras of U.S. naval history.

  8. Navy Art Collection: Displays and traveling exhibitions on naval combat artists

  9. Ships Histories: Histories of individual navy ships, 1775-present

  10. Naval Aviation History: Documents and collections relating to naval aviation, 1911-present

  11. Early History: Research and writing on U.S. naval history, 1775-1918

  12. Contemporary History: Research and writing on U.S. naval history, 1945-present

  13. Underwater Archaeology : Advises on underwater archeology issues; Conducts and oversees research on the Navy's historic ship and aircraft wreck sites; Establishes policy and ensures compliance with regulations and laws pertaining to the protection of wrecksites

  14. Naval History & Heritage Command Detachment Boston: Plans and performs all maintenance, repair and restoration of USS Constitution as close to its 1812 configuration as possible

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