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Naval History & Heritage Command

The Naval History and Heritage Command, located at the Washington Navy Yard, is an Echelon II command responsible for the preservation, analysis, and dissemination of U.S. Naval history and heritage.
It is composed of 42 facilities in 13 geographic locations, including:

  • Navy Library
  • 10 Museums and 1 Heritage Center
  • USS Constitution and associated repair facility (at the time of inspection)
  • Historic ship Nautilus

The Naval History and Heritage Command's lineage dates back to 1800 with the founding of the Navy Department Library by President John Adams, and form a rich history in themselves.

The Director of Naval History is the head of the Naval History & Heritage Command. Captain Henry J. Hendrix II, USN (PhD) is the present Director of Naval History.

List of former Directors of Naval History

Mission of the Naval History & Heritage Command:

Collect, preserve, protect, present, and make relevant the artifacts, art, and documents that best capture the Navy's history and heritage.

Vision Statement of the Naval History & Heritage Command:
  • Make the Navy and its history relevant to the American people and their leaders.
  • Provide the knowledge foundation for the Navy by maintaining historically relevant resources and products that identify what the Navy is and what it stands for.

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