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Index for Naval Aircraft History Cards by Bureau Number

Click on the Bureau Number Listing to view the specific index of Aircraft History Card Bureau Number Listings. To keep the files small the Aircraft History Card listings have been broken down into small number listings. The Aircraft History Cards were scanned in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 so it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher to view the files. For background information regarding Naval Aircraft Bureau Numbers see "Background on Naval Aircraft Bureau (Serial) Numbers".

The Aircraft History Cards exist in paper format, on microfilm, and in a database system. The paper format only covers the Aircraft History Cards for bureau numbers A-51 up to 123,000. The microfilm collection covers A-51 through 163692 (September 1987). The microfilm collection also includes some numbers that were randomly assigned numbers not in the proper sequence, such as some in the 200,000 and 500,000 range. The database system tracking aircraft bureau numbers was initiated in 1989 and includes all bureau numbers that were active as of 1987.

NOTE: The project to scan the paper copies of the Aircraft History Cards was initiated to help make the records more readily accessible to everyone. THIS IS A MAJOR LONG RANGE PROJECT AND IT WILL TAKE YEARS TO COMPLETE. A retired Historian from the Naval Aviation History Office has volunteered to scan the Aircraft History Cards. In fact, the person responsible for saving the paper copies of the Aircraft History Cards from destruction is the very same person who has volunteered to scan the records. All of these records are unclassified or have been declassified.

Index for the Aircraft History Cards

Bureau Numbers A-51 to A-9206

Bureau Numbers 9207 to 9999 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers 0001 to 7303 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers 00001 to 100,000 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers 100001 to 123,000 (Under Construction)

Note: All of these Aircraft History Cards are unclassified or have been declassified.