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Safety, Security & Accessibility Information

To ensure the safety of all visitors to USS CONSTITUTION, additional measures have been implemented to the ship's security procedures. Visitors age 18 and older wishing to embark USS CONSTITUTION MUST present a valid federal or state-issued photo ID or passport at the ship's security entrance. Examples include: driver's license, passport, etc. Additionally, all bags will be screened at the security entrance. Visitors under the age of 18 wishing to embark do not require an approved ID; however, all visitors, except infants, will receive a hand stamp from the security guards, so Sailors can verify they have been cleared to embark the ship.

Due to the status of USS Constitution as a commissioned ship of the United States Navy, it is required that all visitors pass through a security screening (similar to that of an airport) prior to entering the pier. Visitors will be asked to remove any bulky articles of clothing such as jackets, all jewelry, watches, belts, electronic devices including personal music players, PDA's, smartphones and cellphones, camera equipment, and all bags, luggage, or backpacks so that the items may be examined.

Banned / Restricted Items

Please note any contraband will be confiscated and National Park police notified. Weapons are not allowed within both Boston National Historical Park and Pier One. Blades of less than two inches may be declared to security and will be returned if deemed safe.

Once visitors have completed a security screening, they may bring personal shopping bags, backpacks, suitcases, etc. aboard the ship, however they MUST keep all personal belongings with them AT ALL TIMES while touring the ship. STROLLERS are NOT allowed aboard CONSTITUTION, and must be left on the pier while touring the ship.

No chewing gum or open food or beverage containers are allowed aboard CONSTITUTION unless they can be sealed (i.e. water bottles with caps). Smoking is NOT ALLOWED anywhere aboard CONSTITUTION or inside the ship's Navy Yard perimeter. Violators of these rules will be asked to depart Charlestown Navy Yard.

Ship Accessibility

Because USS CONSTITUTION is a National Historic Site that is maintained in its 1812-era configuration, the ship is not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), however wheelchair access to the ship can be granted during periods of low tide when the ship's brow is at what is deemed to be a safe and appropriate incline for wheelchair passage. If allowed passage aboard the ship, persons in wheelchairs will be able to access the ship's top (spar) deck, however there is no additional wheelchair access down into the ship's lower three decks.

Child Safety

For the safety of all visitors accessing the ship's lower decks by climbing down the ship's ladderwells (stairs), visitors will NOT be allowed to carry their children and infants downstairs unless they are securely held within a child carrying device securely fastened to the visitor's body. This is to ensure all visitors can use both hands to safely climb down and up the steep ladderwells without the potential of dropping their child should they lose footing.

Service Animals

Visitors with service animals are authorized access to the navy yard and the top (spar) deck of the ship ONLY. Service animals are NOT allowed below the ship's top deck. Though not required by law, proof of the service animal's status as a verified service animal makes the security screening procedure more efficient. Please be aware that due to the nature of the screening process and for the safety of all visitors, if at any time a service animal does not appear to be under a visitor's full control, that visitor will be asked to depart the navy yard. Non-service animals and pets are NOT allowed aboard the ship or inside the yard.