Step 2: Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Who may use the Hotline?
Anyone can file a hotline complaint.
Is there a time limit to file a complaint?
Generally, you should submit your complaint within 90 days of the date the alleged wrongdoing occurred. However, we will consider complaints over 90 days old if you can demonstrate you were unable to meet the time requirement due to extraordinary circumstances or unforeseen delays.
What issues should you report to the Hotline? 
You should report any issue listed in the List of Matters Appropriate for the IG to your local IG or installation/command IG point of contact. Report minor violations to your chain of command.
(Note: We reserve the right to decline to investigate any matter brought to our attention.)
Can I remain anonymous or request confidentiality?
You may remain anonymous, but we will not be able to contact you for more information.
You may request confidentiality, and the IG will make every effort to prevent disclosure of your identity, but we cannot guarantee confidentiality.
How do you submit a hotline complaint?
We encourage you to submit the allegation(s) in writing by e-mail, fax, letter, or using the online complaint form. Our experience has shown that written complaints are more organized, provide more details and are less emotional.
How do you determine the status of your investigation or obtain a copy of the report?
Contact the IG office where you submitted your complaint. While the investigation is ongoing, we can only tell you whether the case is open.